Cure For Cold Sores

Most people who are looking for find a cure for cold sores will admit that they have tried everything and they simply have no idea what to do. There are so many products on the market today focused on trying to convince people that there products are the best. However, there are some things that you can do without having to spend a fortune on products that don't even work. Here are a few steps that you must take to be able to cure cold sores or prevent them.

Confirm That It Is A Cold Sore

The first step is to figure out if it really is a cold sore of it is just a canker sore. A canker sore is just a mouth ulcer that can occur inside of the mouth. However, cold sores are often smaller than a canker sore and they will start off as blisters first. Canker sores are not contagious but a cold sore is a virus and so it is very contagious.

Quarantine The Sore Once You See An Outbreak

Herpes are very contagious and so you should avoid kissing or any other activities that can spread the outbreak. Avoid sharing any cups, utensils, strawts and make sure that you wash the utensils that you use very thoroughly. You should also avoid spreading the herpes to other parts of the body. Gently washing your blisters with soap and water will help prevent the cold sores from spreading to other parts of the body.

Take An Antiviral Medication

You will be able to get prescribed for antiviral medications like Penciclovir or Famciclovir. These are approved treatments for herpes and they will help you get rid of the outbreaks. Though they may not cure herpes, they will help you speed the recovery phase up and can reduce how bad the outbreak is. These medications are very effective if you are able to take them before you get an outbreak. You might be prescribed to take this daily and it will depend on how bad your infection is. The results will simply depend on the person and how the medication works for his or her body.

Ease The Pain

You can always take over-the counter creams that will help ease the overall pain. However, these are just painkillers and so it will just be a way to get rid of the pain and not the actual cold sores.

If you are looking for the cure for cold sores, then you will first need to understand that preventing it is a lot better. However, if you already have cold sores, then it is a good idea to get medications before it gets any worse. The problem that most people have is that they do not know that they have herpes and they end up sharing it to people in their families and to their partners. Make sure that you identify if you have a cold sore or not and to get the needed medication to be able to get rid of it faster before it gets worse.